Thursday, February 20, 2014

Take a Look Inside

You already know that I love houses.  However, I'm not sure if I've shared with you how much I enjoy working with the homeowners on each of my projects.  In the case of this staging job, the homeowners were truly as outstanding as their home.  We worked together on two separate staging appointments and I must say that the owners worked like crazy to prepare their home for the market.  Take a look...

Living Room

AFTER:  With the furniture moved out of the way, the room looks bigger.  Plus, the new arrangement means that there's more hardwoods to see.


AFTER:  With a focus on clear surfaces, the kitchen shows beautifully!

Dining Room

AFTER:   A new flower arrangement and some sunshine, make this room much brighter.

OFFICE - AFTER (sorry no before picture):  To show off the cozy and huge office, the homeowners cleared out many of their personal items so that the room's fireplace, paneling, and built-ins could be showcased.

Bonus Room

AFTER:  Opening the curtains and clearing out some items make this bonus room look just right.

Laundry Room

AFTER:  Taking out all the distractions makes it easy to focus on this amazing laundry room.

Guest Bedroom

AFTER:  The homeowners packed up a few items in this room so that potential buyers could appreciate the amazing windows and space.


AFTER:  To make the room bigger, the owners stored some of the furniture.

Eat-in / Family Room


AFTER:  The furniture in this space got completed switched around.  In the new arrangement, the dining table looks out onto the beautiful backyard and the couch cozies up next to the fireplace.

Every inch of this home was tweaked and prepared for potential buyers.  Take a look...

Pretty amazing and beautiful and fabulous, right?  If you're ready to move in, I do have some bad news for you.  The house sold in 1 day (courtesy of Jeff Hoffman at Re/Max Realty Group)!  Of course, I'm not one bit surprised!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Fantastic House!

One of the top reasons that I began my home staging and design business is because I love houses.  I'm one of those people who checks out real estate listings when I have no intention of buying a home.  I've attended open houses just to get a peek inside a house.  I love estate sales because while finding a great deal, I can also be inside another home.  It's a problem, I know.  At least now I can use my home staging business as a cover :). 

Recently, I staged a fantastic home (of course, I kind of think they're all fantastic).  But, before I share all the before and afters (in another post), I thought I'd give you a little glimpse inside (and outside) - maybe these pics will encourage you to get as excited about houses as I do.

Stay tuned...I'll be back with all the before and afters inside the house next week.