Monday, March 9, 2015

No Staging Needed

I had the pleasure of "staging" a patio home recently.  I use the word staging extremely lightly here because the house was 99.9% market-ready before I even arrived.  Instead of fluffing and swapping and moving and shifting, I spent the appointment photographing the home.  As you'll see, it's a stunner...and it's a great example of home-selling done right.  Take a look.

Staging Success #1:  The homeowner added a fresh wreath to the front door.  A new wreath or welcome mat always gives a wonderful first impression.

Staging Success #2:  These bedrooms look tidy and big thanks to the homeowner's clear surfaces and neat coverlets.  Well done!

Staging Success #3:  Showing off the best features of the kitchen is key to selling a home...and the homeowner did just that by showcasing large expanses of the granite. 

Staging Success #4:  I love how the table is clean and simple without a centerpiece blocking the view of the space.  Perfectly done!

Staging Success #5:  As you can tell, the homeowner has wonderful taste.  That is evident in the way she accessorizes each space with just enough decorative elements. Pretty impressive!

 So, there you have of my easiest staging gigs ever.  The homeowner nailed it...and with the help of Jeff Hoffman from Re/Max Realty Group the house sold in just a couple of days.