Monday, September 15, 2014

Transforming Furniture for Staging

I love estate sales.  They're a perfect place to find awesome deals on great pieces of furniture that can be used when staging vacant homes.  
Recently, I found this diamond in the rough...
When I found it, I couldn't wait to hand over my $5 and start the chair's makeover.
I cleaned the frame with a TSP substitute first.
The first step of recovering the seat cushion was taking out all the old staples securing the existing fabric down.

Then, I stapled new fabric onto the cushion.
Then, I spray painted like crazy.
Once the paint was dry, I plopped the cushion back down and the chair was done.
The chair just needed the right room to show off its makeover. 
Cue this vacant bedroom...

Can you spot the chair at the desk?
Isn't it fun what $5 and some makeovering (not a word) can do?