Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Goes a Long Way

Every staging job that I'm lucky enough to work on is different. 
Sometimes we stage a house using only Bloom Staging and Design's inventory of furniture, art, and accessories.  Sometimes we just use the homeowner's items and rework them in the best possible way.  Other times we combine the two - that is, combine our staging items with a homeowner's current furnishings and décor.  When we do that method, we've found that a little art, some new linens, and fresh accessories can go a long way.  Take a look at a recent stage filled with a lot of the homeowner's items and a little of Bloom's...

AFTER:  We removed some furniture to show off the room's size.  Then, we rearranged some items, put new art on the walls, and cozied up the room with some accessories.
AFTER:  We added this console table in the living room as well. 
AFTER:  New linens and art help to make this room feel a lot more special.

AFTER:  Just a little bit of art warms up the room too.

AFTER:  The bathroom got a new rug, some accessories, and art, too.  (Although you can't see it all in this photo.)
AFTER:  A new furniture arrangement makes the room look bigger.  Add to that some art and fresh linens and this room becomes a stunner.

This project was also different because the homeowner was off at work while we staged the entire house.  He came home to quite a different space.  I hope he still wants to sell the house!
You can learn more about this house located in Mendon, NY listed by Amy Petrone at Re/Max Realty Group here.

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