Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Design - Personalized Art

Recently, I had the opportunity to redesign an office space for Hoffman and Haymes Associates, Inc.  When I first consulted on the space, I could see right away that it had a lot of potential.  It also had a lot of wall space that would need some great art.  The first step was getting the walls painted.  I had this divider wall painted in a contrasting gray, blue (Sherwin Williams Mineral Deposit)...so pretty...but still in need of some art.

Redesign in progress.

Did I mention that this project had a tight budget?  Here's the thing, I don't mind tight budgets one bit.  In my opinion, they're a wonderful opportunity for creativity.  So, in this redesign, I created original art for one of the focal walls in the space by framing three personalized pictures for under $12 each.  That's a wall of art for less than $40!

First, since this space was for a real estate rental office, I figured what would be better than images of their rental buildings? Fortunately, their rental buildings are beautiful!  So, one afternoon I poked around the buildings with my camera and took some pictures.

Then, I added a bit of an antique filter to the images to make them more artsy.

At Jo Ann's I found three great frames to add the 5 x 7 prints of the photos to (I used some coupons, of course).  Finally, I hung them up on the wall.

They're perfect in the office.  The images reference their company, the art adds warmth and dimension to the walls, and best of all, my clients loved them!

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