Friday, December 27, 2013

Lobby Makeover

Recently I updated the lobby of a stunning apartment building at 1625 East Avenue in Rochester, NY.  It was such a fun project!  When I first checked out the lobby at East Ave., I knew that a few little touches and some fresh furniture and accessories would completely transform its vibe.  The space already had great bones - beautiful iron stair banisters, great lighting, and ample space for new furniture.  It just needed some new pieces to turn its current state of ho-hum to its new state of wowzers!

Check out the before and after photos to see how first impressions turned into the springboard for a lobby transformation...  


This area needed some items to add symmetry to the space.

I planned on swapping out the existing furniture to the left of the main hallway for more modern pieces.

I couldn't wait to find a cozy chair for this nook to add a seating area to the lobby.

Overall, my goal was to make the lobby more updated and feel a bit younger.  The lobby is all about first impressions, so I couldn't wait to get shopping to find the elements that would help this lobby make a positive  lasting impression on potential and current renters.


A week after my first tour of the lobby, it was time to bring in all the new pieces I had found into the space.  The mirrors went up, the tables went into place, the accessories were added, and a cozy, new leather chair filled in the nook by the window perfectly.  

This project was a blast.  My favorite part was installing all the items.  As we were working, current residents came into the lobby.  It was so fun to hear them gushing about their new home.  There was true pride in the voices.  It's amazing what a little update can do!

If you're interested in calling this lobby your home, give Re/Max Realty Group a call at 585-244-6500.  

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